Love Where You Live

Love where you Live is an exciting curriculum linked schools campaign that will showcase one of Melbourne’s best kept secret; Port Phillip Bay, a marine environment that rivals tropical reefs in colours and diversity.

MDU Schools Litter Poster

With the support of the project team, students will research, write, present, film and edit short videos to document the uniqueness of Port Phillip Bay, why it needs protecting and how to reduce harmful litter entering the bay. Students will be able to share their knowledge and empower their peers, creating a new wave of environmental champions.

  1. Few realise the incredible diversity or Port Phillip. Ultimately, we can’t expect student to care for and protect an environment they don’t know exists.
  2. There are no tailored resources for teachers to incorporate themes around local marine biodiversity, catchment connections and litter into the curriculum.
  3. There is a need to create a stewardship ethic and new champions for the marine environment.

MDU Schools Litter Survey

How it works
  1. Teachers utilised the resources to establish the context for the competition i.e. generating awareness of the marine value of Port Phillip, the importance and current threats with a focus on litter and catchment connections.
  2. Students work in groups to develop:
    • Key marine conservation and litter’ message-s for the local community; and
    • Activities to engage and reduce litter in their local community.
  3. Students workshop how they can translate their ideas into a 1 minute video and educational posters for the local community.
  4. Students roll out activities and messaging in the local community.
  5. Each school submits their best 5 videos, print materials and projects.
  6. Videos are showcased across social media, education and project partner platforms.

MDU Schools Video Editing

  • Increased understanding of the diversity and importance of local marine life.
  • Build writing, creative thinking and video editing skills.
  • Develop an understanding of the connections between activities on land and the impacts on marine environments. Empowerment of students to create change in their local environments.
  • New marine custodians.
  • A series of 1-minute videos to communicate litter reduction strategies in schools and the wider community. Reduction of litter entering waterways.
  • Encourage a career in science.

Project Partners